Microsoft admits to the CMA that Xbox Game Pass “would lead to cannibalization of sales” of games


Microsoft has been betting on Xbox Game Pass for a long time, and it looks like it will continue to do so. The subscription service usually announces the addition of various games periodically, and many times there are triple-A titles that reach the catalog, which means saving a certain amount of money for those users who play them in Game Pass and not them. buy. For example, the next to do so will be Atomic Heart, but it seems that all this would come at a cost to Microsoft.

As pointed out by MP1ST, the UK CMA shared a 277-page report regarding the Activision-Blizzard acquisition. At the end of page 58, the following is noted: “Internal Microsoft documents acknowledge that adding titles to Game Pass would lead to a cannibalization of B2P sales,” says the CMA in section 5.64.

Unfortunately, the rest of the information is private and this statement has not been publicly explored. However, in section 5.61 the CMA states the following: ” Microsoft also stated that its internal analysis shows a decrease of X% in the sales of base games twelve months after their inclusion in Game Pass.”

Some games have benefited from Game Pass

In the past, games have been incorporated into Xbox Game Pass and have increased both their players and sales. One of the best examples is High On Life, as its creator pointed out that they shared data in which ” you sold 7 times more by going out on Xbox Game Pass “, and finally it sold very well on Steam and made history within the service as the best third party of all and of 2022.

Another title that has benefited is Chivalry 2, as its creators noted the following: “Chivalry 2 has seen more than 500,000 new players since its launch on Game Pass.” Also, Slime Rancher 2 was another game that increased its sales and consumption.


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