One of the best Viking games already has a date for its arrival on Xbox Game Pass: Valheim will land on Xbox consoles after reaching PC.


One of the surprises of 2021 was Valheim, a game developed by Iron Gate that has become popular over time due to its survival proposal. It started as an Early Access game, and although it is still in Early Access, the work has released its most significant update to date to provide more Viking content for those who like to delve into these types of worlds.

A few months ago, they announced the release window for Valheim for Xbox consoles, and it was yesterday when they finally announced the release date. PC users can already enjoy this work since last fall on PC Game Pass, but Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One users will have to wait until March 14 for it to arrive on Xbox Game Pass.

Until now, the survival game has been a success because the last record of its sales was 10 million copies sold, so it would not be surprising if this figure continues to increase over time. The significant updates will help this. The last one added Mistlands, a new biome that adds new enemies (and their corresponding boss), more than 20 manufacturing materials, new construction stations, potions, food and much more.

Valheim and other Viking games

In the writing of bestbuygaming, we played Valheim again a year after it was released, and it was a most rewarding experience. Even so, we recommend you look at the special we did on other most interesting Viking games. On that list are standout titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, God of War, For Honor, and more.


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