This is the Uncharted 4 easter egg that anticipated the most anticipated moment of the end of The Last of Us on HBO


We are a few hours away from witnessing the most anticipated moment by fans of The Last of Us on HBO, the series based on the Naughty Dog video game. Of course, we are talking about the end of the first season, with episode 9, which will premiere next Monday at 09:00 (Spanish time), intending to put the finishing touch to one of the most successful works in the history of television. We have lived endless moments with Joel and Ellie, but are we ready to see the outcome? When the time comes, we remember that we were already warned about it with an Easter egg from Uncharted four more than six years ago.

We know that Anna, Ellie’s mother, will appear in HBO episode 9 of The Last of Us. A character that curiously is played by Ashley Johnson, Ellie’s actress in the game. We do not know more details, but there is something that has powerfully caught the attention of fans: Neil Druckmann, director of the saga and co-director of the series with Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), has published the illustration of American Daughters along with a photo of Anna in the series, what does it mean?

American Daughters in Uncharted 4

In 2013, Dark Horse Comics published American Dreams, a The Last of Us comic featuring Neil Druckmann himself and featuring Ellie and Riley on the cover. As a result, as an Easter egg, an illustration called American Daughters began to circulate, in which we saw a pregnant woman surviving the outbreak. As is evident, this woman was interpreted by fans to be Ellie’s mother, a figure that has barely been touched on both in the game and the series. And it was seven years ago when we could see her in Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End (pay attention to the following video). Now, a few hours after seeing the end of the HBO series, Druckmann wanted to remember her along with an image of which she is officially Ellie’s mother.

Episode 9 of The Last of Us on HBO will be available on Monday at 09:00 and will end the first season. Also, we remind you that Season 2 is confirmed, and the actor who plays Joel, Pedro Pascal, recently dropped, so we could see it sooner than we think.


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